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State-of-the-Art Technology and Product

BEEC owns a series of globally renowned patented / proprietary technology and products, as well as associated expertise. We maintain long-term extensive contact with relevant international business & technology partners so that the genuine originality of the technology and product is retained. On the other hand, through application and implementation in projects of various fields and types, we’ve not only obtained lots of practical experience, but also keep on innovation and improvement based on local market situation, so as to adapt the technology, product and service and make them fit better with local conditions.

In-depth Understanding of Local Market

BEEC’s entry into Chinese market can be dated back to 1990’s. This leads to an in-depth knowledge of local water and environment market. We have a full understanding of needs from market and clients, and can provide specific proposal and solution catering to the needs. After years of development, through provision of high-quality product and service to various clients and projects, BEEC has built up a long time track-record and reputation in local market. This, in many occasions, has been winning repeated business for us.

Professional Elite

From years of work in numerous projects, the capacity has been built up in BEEC where our locally-based team has rich experience, abounding knowledge and expertise and encompasses various disciplines for design engineering and covers the whole life cycle of projects. At the same time, our team is with excellent cross-culture communication ability. From design, to system integration and construction, to delivery, careful attention is paid to this multi-cultural mix. Our capacity ensures that clients’ expectations and requirements are clearly understood and communicated to suppliers, vendors and to all team members involved in the project. This enables us to provide clients, either domestic or international, with world-class product and service which can meet their anticipations.