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Care for people, clients, communities, and our planet through resourcefulness and integrity. As a core philosophy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an important part of how we do business at BEEC. We strive to accomplish continuous improvement of water body and environment through application of advanced technology and equipment, wise and adaptive design / engineering and optimum deployment of resources and measures. BEEC believes the long-term sustainability is the way for development and adopts global approach to CSR of People, Planet, and Profit.


BEEC conducts fair and ethical business practices for our employees, our clients, and in the communities in which we have business around the world. This includes protecting technology, intellectual property (IP), and other client trade secrets. As a result, we have earned trust from clients, employee loyalty, and trusted business relationships with our associates. And BEEC gives back to our communities through company sponsored program of charitable donations and volunteerism.


As a company with business mainly in water and environment field, BEEC is more than willing to take up the environmental responsibility spontaneously. And we live up to environment-friendliness concept through our activities, from masterful planning of energy consumption, to reasonable disposing of non-recyclable wastes in our office and project sites to minimize the impact on environment. Furthermore, we tirelessly facilitate environment technology development and spread, and keep up the harmony between human and nature.


BEEC is solemnly committed to its obligation and responsibility to employee, shareholder and client. We strictly follow the code of conduct complied with relevant statutory regulations, and respect and protect the benefit of our staff. We’re responsible to safety of share-holders capital and profit, and ensure to provide truthful and precise information in prompt manner. We take accountability for the quality of our product and service, keep our promise with client and spontaneously accept the supervision from authorities and public on quality of our product and service.