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DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is founded in 2000. The company owns multiple internationally renowned proprietary / patented water treatment technologies and products. Through its experienced and professional local team, with the support from international partners, the company has been providing integrated water solution to clients in municipal and various industrial sectors, realizing the local supply and delivery of international-class product, technology and services.

Latest News

DHV BEEC's Largest Carrousel® Oxidation Ditch Project (the first phase) Officially Start

In May 2023, as the multiple paper machine production lines successfully launched at Liansheng Pulp&Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.

DHV BEEC: Nereda® - the Best Water Technology Breakthrough

DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (DHV BEEC) is the official licensee of Nereda® technology in China.

Together with Sun Paper Group to Create Brilliance!

Guangxi Sun Paper Co., Ltd.’s 3.5 million-ton Forest-Pulp-Paper integration project, a mega-sized CARROUSEL® wastewater bio-treatment system is put into operation.

Nereda® Technology

BEEC is pleased to announce that it has signed a Nereda® Technology Authorized User Agreement with Royal HaskoningDHV to cover the People’s Republic of China. 

The 100th CARROUSEL® Facility by BEEC in China

DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is awarded with the order for the CARROUSEL® of the Yinchuan No. 4 Wastewater Treatment Plant Extension Project on 8th January 2019.

DHV BEEC is awarded as Qualified Supplier in Petrochemical Industry in China

DHV BEEC is awarded as Qualified Supplier in Petrochemical Industry in China 

BEEC’s QMS Certification Upgraded to Newest ISO9001:2015

Quality is always our priority focus here in DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Through establishment and implementation of Quality Management System (QMS), we’ve integrated QC and QA into various processes of our product and service. Shortly after the foundation of the company, our QMS is certified by ISO9001 standard and granted with relevant certificate.

Nereda® — Highly Decorated Wastewater Treatment Technology

As an advanced wastewater treatment technology based on unique features of aerobic granular sludge, from the moment it's launched, Nereda® process obtained extensive recognition in the wastewater treatment sector and market with its excellent effluent quality, lower CAPEX and OPEX (than conventional processes), simple system configuration etc. and it has been rapidly spread and applied worldwide.

Completion and Hand-over of Fluoride Recovery Unit (FRU) in Kuantan Malaysia

The HR-PIB plant, for which the FRU is designed and built, is the latest investment by BASF-Petronas Chemicals Sdn Bhd and the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Back in 2009 - 2010, our company (BEEC) provided a similar Fluoride Recovery Unit (FRU) to BASF-Yangzi Chemical Co., Ltd. in Nanjing China, where the cutting-edge Crystalactor® process is applied to recover the Fluoride in the waste stream discharged from PIB production process, which turns Fluoride from a contaminant in wastewater to a resource that can be recycled and reused.

Crystalactor® Project Received METI Minister’s Award in Japan

In the flash memory plant of Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Co., Ltd. located at Yokkaichi, Japan, the Crystalactor® (under the trade name of EcoCrysta® in Japan) technology is applied to recover the fluoride from production wastewater. The recovered material is made to produce hydrofluoric acid, which in turn, is reused by Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (AGC) in its production process for glass products.

Office Relocation

DHV Beijing Office moves to a new office with effect on Oct 1, 2017.

OXYRATOR® Surface Aerator — “Client-Satisfied Brand”

The survey of Client’s satisfaction on wastewater treatment equipment is conducted by H2O-China, in association with State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for Technology Management and Evaluation. More than domestic 100 wastewater treatment plants are randomly selected for the survey, and several hundreds of equipment brands are evaluated, from the aspects of Performance, Reliability, Post-sales service, Cost-effectiveness, Operation cost and Maintenance cost. After series of surveys, statistics and analysis, the result is published.

80th CARROUSEL® Wastewater Treatment Plant in China

DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (BEEC) is currently working on its third wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the city of Yi’ning, located in China’s northwest inland province of XinJiang, with a population of half a million people. The proprietary CARROUSEL® process is applied in previous two WWTP’s in the city. Now this one is BEEC’s 80th CARROUSEL® WWTP in China.