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— Reliable and Efficient Process for Wastewater Treatment

CARROUSEL® is an oxidation ditch process, developed on basis of long time development and research. After its launch in the Netherlands in 1967, the features like stable and reliable operation, excellent treatment result and minimal operation management etc. are well recognized and accepted by the market and spread rapidly. Nowadays, CARROUSEL® has become one of main-stream biological wastewater treatment processes and broadly applied in municipal and various industrial fields. Currently there’re thousands of wastewater treatment facilities world-wide are running with the process, from the all-year chilly climate region like northern part of North America to hot and dry areas like middle east and Africa. The size ranges from the miniature integrated unit for treatment of household sewage in residential quarter to the largest CARROUSEL® system in the world with capacity of more than 10 million population equivalent and installation of more than 100 surface aerators (at Ludwigshafen, Germany for chemical giant BASF).



DHV is the original inventor and patent owner of CARROUSEL®. During the long term application, the effort is continuously made by DHV for performance improvement of CARROUSEL®, based on large amount of practical experience. This results in new variants of this process, developed for different application and treatment requirements, which form a full diversified spectrum of the process.

We’ve been all time working on application of CARROUSEL® process in China. Till now, we’ve designed and built nearly 100 CARROUSEL® facilities with total treatment capacity of several million tons per day. Our references are widely spread in municipal and various industrial sectors, such as petrochemical, chemical, pulp & paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical etc. With the “genuinely original” design, high-quality and high-efficiency equipment as well as considerate service, our CARROUSEL® has won remarkable reputation in the market, which has been keeping us a front-runner in the field of CARROUSEL® application.

CARROUSEL® process variants:

• CARROUSEL® : conventional process, COD/BOD & SS removal, with certain N removal

• CARROUSEL® 1000 : compact system with small capacity

• CARROUSEL® 2000 : enhanced biological N and P removal, further improvement of treatment result

• CARROUSEL® 3000 : big water depth version (up to 8m), for application where available site area is limited

• AB-CARROUSEL® : rapid removal of easy biodegradable substrates & sulfide etc. in influent, preventing sludge bulking