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The effect of a water treatment system hinges on sound performance of various equipment and products adopted. DHV owns multiple patented / proprietary water treatment technologies where the specialized critical equipment also plays important role in the whole system where the technology is applied. During the research and development of innovative treatment processes, the effort is also made during the course for the development of special products which are applied for the specific technology. Large amount of work and tests are conducted for these equipment to verify and validate the performance and make sure it meets the requirement by technology and process. As the result, the proprietary products build upon and fully reflect our long-term expertise and experience. As an essential part of system package we provide with relevant processes, our products assure the treatment system can hold onto the conceived process as desired and various features and advantages are completely realized.

The design and performance of our products / equipment are fully integrated and in line with process requirement as well as the specific applications so that the optimum performance of the equipment as well as the system are achieved. A stringent QA/QC system is applied during the production, and for assembled package unit, the product of international brand is taken for critical parts. These ensure the desirable performance as per design in long-term operation and to meet various requirements (e.g. fault, life-time etc.).

Our products have been broadly applied in water treatment projects in a variety of fields, and running stably and reliably. The performance has acquired acknowledgement by numerous clients, which earns us various honors, such as “Client-Satisfied Brand (aeration equipment)”, “Qualified Supplier in Petrochemical Industry” etc.

As advancement and development of our patented / proprietary technology and process, our product and equipment are also keep rolling and improvement is continuously carried out so as to keep up with new requirement of relevant process and challenge on market. This largely contributes to the long-term vitality of our products.

The treatment processes where our products and equipment are applied including:

• CARROUSEL® — High-performance surface aerator (OXYRATOR® series), Mixed liquor recirculation control device, Selector distribution gully, Auto controller for CARROUSEL® system (CARConTM)

• Crystalactor® — Pellet reactor (centerpiece of the system), Seed washer, Aquasuite®Crystalactor®Controller (ACC) specifically for the autocontrol of Crystalactor® system, and other special equipment and device

• Nereda® — Internals of Nereda® reactor, Aquasuite®Nereda®Controller (special smart controller for Nereda® system) and other relevant equipment / devices within the system

• Others