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For various industries, when it comes to water issue, it’s largely diversified and varied in requirements, applications, water characteristics and applicable (industrial) codes etc. Usually a tailor-made solution is required for water treatment and in most cases, it’s intertwined with other utilities or main industrial processes.

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is experienced in various sectors in industrial field and have in-depth understanding of nature and scenario of water issues and client’s needs, which enables us to always come up with the customized solution to client’s satisfaction. With large inventory of technologies and processes, esp. with our patented / proprietary ones, we work closely with clients and help them to tackle various issues in all aspects of water treatment, from improvement, extension or complete replacement of existing water and wastewater treatment facilities to handling the research, design and realization of brand new water plants and facilities.

Project showcase
  • Xiushan Paper WWTP, Yongzhou

  • DNCC P Recovery Unit, Nanjing

  • Juntai Paper WWTP, Huaihua

  • E. Asia Paper WWTP, Chongzuo

  • Donta Group WWTP, Laibin

  • Akzo Nobel Multi-site WWTP, Ningbo

  • Svetlogorsk P&P WWTP, Belarus

  • Meili Cloud WWTP, Zhongwei

  • BYC F Recovery Unit, Nanjing

  • SinoChem Changchun WWTP, Changchun

  • Tianzhang Paper WWTP, Yanzhou

  • BPC Kuantan F Recovery Unit, Malaysia