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As the result of economic growth and improvement of people’s living standard, the municipal water treatment has become a very import factor in city’s development and improvement of its water environment. One of the challenges is that not only is the standard on effluent quality from treatment facilities getting more and more stringent, but also the focus more and more has been drawn on cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainable processes (lower CAPEX/OPEX and less utilities consumption such energy, chemicals etc). 

We’ve developed various patented or proprietary treatment technologies, from good-old process to innovative yet well-proven ones, to cope with this continuously evolving situation. For each project we apply our knowledge, the most appropriate technology, enhanced equipment, smart process automation and IT solutions, whilst taking care of dedicated project implementation.

Project showcase
  • No.2 WWTP, Chengdu

  • Wujin WWTP, Changzhou

  • Nanpu EDZ WWTP, Tangshan

  • WWTP, Huangyan

  • Shunyi WWTP, Beijing

  • WWTP, Huainan

  • WWTP, Wuzhong

  • Hongguang WWTP, Jingzhou

  • No.2 WWTP, Yinchuan

  • No.3 WWTP, Yinchuan

  • No.2 WWTP, Xi'ning

  • Fenggang WWTP, Dongguan