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OXYRATOR® Surface Aerator — “Client-Satisfied Brand”

Author: BEEC       Update: 01 28-2013

The survey of Client’s satisfaction on wastewater treatment equipment is conducted by H2O-China, in association with State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for Technology Management and Evaluation. More than domestic 100 wastewater treatment plants are randomly selected for the survey, and several hundreds of equipment brands are evaluated, from the aspects of Performance, Reliability, Post-sales service, Cost-effectiveness, Operation cost and Maintenance cost. After series of surveys, statistics and analysis, the result is published.

The OXYRATOR® series of high-efficiency surface aeration equipment by DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. are honorably awarded with “Client-Satisfied Brand (aeration equipment category)” for its international design, excellent quality, steady & reliable performance as well as long-term track record established in the field and customers.