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Together with Sun Paper Group to Create Brilliance!

Author: BEEC       Update: 2022-06-02

On October 15, 2021, as the production line successfully launched at Guangxi Sun Paper Co., Ltd.’s 3.5 million-ton Forest-Pulp-Paper integration project in Beihai, Guangxi Province, another mega-sized CARROUSEL® wastewater bio-treatment system is also put into operation, where the process design and core equipment are provided by DHV BEEC. This marks a successful cooperation again between our company and Sun Paper Group, after the previous treatment works at Sun Group’s production facilities in Yanzhou and Zoucheng city. The bio-treatment section of the project is designed with a capacity of 120,000 ton/day, it is presently one of the largest biological treatment facilities in Chinese pulp and paper industry.

Shandong Sun Paper Group, founded in 1982, is a world-leading multinational paper maker and integrated forest-pulp-paper group. It is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises and ranks top 20 paper-manufacturing companies in the world, which definitely makes Sun Paper a front-runner of pulp and paper industry in China.

Sun Paper Group has been adhering to the “Forestry, Pulp and Paper Integration” strategy, taking the route of green, low-carbon and recycle in its development. The establishment of 3.5 million-ton forest-pulp-paper integration project located in Beihai, Guangxi is an important move for its further business growth in China. Beihai project is to be built, as set out by the Group, with the principle of energy-conserving, low carbon and environment friendly, technologically intelligent, and in world-class. Among them, wastewater treatment plays a critical and indispensable role to achieve the energy conserving, low carbon and environment-friendly target.

DHV BEEC has been working diligently in the wastewater field for more than 20 years, and involved in building and delivery of more than 100 treatment facilities in China. The cooperation between DHV BEEC and Sun Paper Group initiated in year 2010, and two large-scale treatment works at Tianzhang Paper (2010) and Honghe Paper (2015), were successively completed since then, both are Sun Group’s production sites, located at Yanzhou and Zoucheng city respectively. This time in Beihai project, the two sides held hands again. The recognition of this project by Sun Paper once again proves the reliability and advancement of DHV BEEC and its proprietary CARROUSEL® oxidation ditch technology.

DHV BEEC will, as always, stay true to its mission, provide customers with advanced and professional wastewater treatment solutions and technical services, and together with clients to create brilliance and make greater contributions to China’s “lush mountains and lucid waters”.