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The 100th CARROUSEL® Facility by BEEC in China

Author: BEEC       Update: 2019-01-09

As going in a Chinese poem: “Toasting and pleasantly bidding farewell to previous year, while embracing and opening up to a prosperous future”, on 8th January 2019, DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is awarded with the order for the CARROUSEL® of the Yinchuan No. 4 Wastewater Treatment Plant Extension Project. With the acquirement of this contract, our company is welcoming a good start for 2019, and also making it the 100th CARROUSEL® wastewater treatment facilities designed/built by us in China. This is the glory moment to be remembered and celebrated!

Design average flow of this plant is 100,000 m3/day. Construction has already started. It is expected that its construction will be completed and get ready for test-run in the middle of 2019. We will provide the CARROUSEL® System Package for this project, including the design of the core biological system and supply of relevant equipment as well as related technical services. For advanced treatment, MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) process is applied for this plant. The combination of “CARROUSEL® + MBR” is a very unique feature to the process design of the project. The final effluent water quality will meet “Quasi-Class IV” requirement of “Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard”.

The owner of this project is Dali (Yinchuan) Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dali Yinchuan). Dali Yinchuan is a project company under the LGB Group (listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) and is a leading player on wastewater treatment market in Ningxia region.

Dali Yinchuan has been in cooperation with our company for many years in multiple projects. The excellent performance of the system and equipment of CARROUSEL® as well as the professional and efficient service by DHV BEEC have been highly recognized by Yinchuan client from long-term experience. We are very honored by this long-lasting recognition of the clients and will continue to contribute with our effort during the implementation and make it a successful model project for client.

CARROUSEL® is an oxidation ditch process, developed on basis of long time development and research. After its launch in the Netherlands in 1967, the features like stable and reliable operation, excellent treatment result and simple operation management etc. are well acknowledged and accepted by the market and spread rapidly. Nowadays, CARROUSEL® has become one of main-stream biological wastewater treatment processes and broadly applied in municipal and various industrial fields. For many years, DHV BEEC has been committed to the promotion and application of CARROUSEL® technology in China. As always, we will continue to come up with more and better professional technologies and services through our efforts, and make our contribution to the green hills and clean waters of our country.